Sophie-Anne Baril

Sophie-Anne Baril

As a Haitian-American, Black Catholic woman, I am humbled and honored to embrace and uplift the various groups of people I represent. Last year, I completed my master’s degree in International Affairs, with a concentration in International Economic Affairs, at The George Washington University. While completing my degree, I worked as a membership manager, managing a membership portfolio of about 300 international NGO’s and multiple online communities.  Currently, I work in the public sector in Washington, DC.


In my free time, I enjoy cooking and writing. My work has been featured in America’s Best Emerging Poets 2018 and Florida’s Best Emerging Poets.  Inspired by Ecclesiastes 11:6, I launched @thrivebeyond5 on Instagram, a space to promote a healthy work-life balance, covering topics related to the “9 to 5“ and beyond. 


Using my writing, public speaking, and community-building skills, I aspire to promote diversity in Catholicism and inspire young adults from all backgrounds to pursue careers in international affairs.







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