Sarah Hoyoung Ku

Sarah Hoyoung Ku

Sarah Ku is a biracial, Korean and white, mom of five young kids. She was raised in the Protestant church and after graduation, worked full-time in campus ministry with InterVaristy Christian Fellowship at USC and Stanford. Through InterVarsity, Sarah grew in the values of multiethnicity, social justice, and evangelization. It was while working with InterVarsity that she began exploring the Catholic Church, and after a three year journey, she entered the Church in 2009.


Sarah and her husband Patrick raise their family in California’s Bay Area and in the last decade, they have spent time actively involved in both the Chinese-American and Korean-American communities there. Sarah has continued her love for ministry through mentoring young adult leaders. She also recently launched A Growing Home podcast as a space to explore how they are living out their faith as a multi-racial family in the Silicon Valley. Sarah is particularly passionate about amplifying voices of color through the guests on the podcast.


Sarah has experience training teams in Bible study, leadership development, and evangelization. She loves teaching from scripture and also speaks on multiethnicity, Theology of the Body, Natural Family Planning, discipleship, and creation care.