Sara Manju Kurian Hallisey, Ph.D.

Sara Manju Kurian Hallisey, Ph.D.

I am a first generation Indian-American and a mom to 3 biracial boys, wife to John and University teacher. I converted to Catholicism when I married 20 years ago. I speak about the intersections of social justice, race, and feminism in Catholicism. I stepped out of academia for a while to be a traveling spouse and am now back as a Lecturer in the English Dept. at Marymount University. I believe we all are loved in the eyes of God, and we all have a place in this Church community. My academic research centers on postcoloniality and epigenetics/trauma, and I have other writing projects that are far from my academic training. I especially enjoy mentoring young women of color on their faith journey and want them to know that you are not alone.  



  • Letter of Good Standing

    Letter of Good Standing

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