Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong (黃曉曦) is a podcaster, writer and speaker living in Vancouver, Canada. She is a first generation Chinese-Canadian deeply in love with Jesus and the Catholic Church.


Though she was raised as a Catholic, she experienced a radical encounter with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament when she was 20 years old. Ever since then, she was set ablaze in her conviction to share the love of God and speak to her own testimony of how God saved her life. She now speaks and writes on the feminine genius, the intersection of faith and mental health, race and representation in the Church and beyond, and her personal faith journey.


Rachel is the founder and host of The Feminine Genius Podcast, which is inspired by Pope St. John Paul II and his writings on women. Her hope with the podcast is to celebrate the diversity of the Catholic Church, one woman's story at a time.


Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Communication and International Studies from Simon Fraser University, and has experience working in the areas of tech, radio broadcast, journalism, marketing & communications and parish ministry.




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