Pedro J. Lozano

Pedro J. Lozano

Pedro J. Lozano (P.J.) is a husband and father of five. Born in San Antonio, TX; P.J. and his family currently reside in Boerne, TX. He is passionate and driven to help lead people of all ages into a deeper relationship with God through our Catholic faith. He is a charismatic and motivating speaker who people are naturally drawn towards. He is a life-long student, constantly learning more about our faith and growing in his own spiritual life with the help of the Sacraments and spiritual direction.


Youth and young adult ministry is a passion that he has been pursuing for over 10 years. Evangelization is a priority and P.J. is always looking to find those who feel on the outside, seeking to share the Lord’s truth and mercy. In 2015, his family moved to Haiti and served as missionaries for two years, focussing on serving the poor and bringing Jesus to everyone they encountered. Now, back in youth ministry, P.J. coordinates domestic mission camps for a Catholic youth ministry organization based out of Atlanta, GA.


P.J. is also a world renowned taco connoisseur with tortillas being his utensil of choice. The best convos happen when eating REAL Tex-Mex! Going from construction to youth ministry to’s no wonder his favorite quote is “sweatin’ and serving”. Whether it’s fishing legos out of toilets or teaching his kids how to dance cumbias, P.J. and his wife, Kerri, are always looking to help others encounter Christ.






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