Patricia Vasquez

Patricia Vasquez

I currently speak on life issues for the pro-life movement but as a Hispanic I know I do not fit the common pro-life mold. It is hard to be hispanic and be pro-life because I see how our brown brothers are mistreated when it comes to the immigration issue.


I mainly do work in spanish because I also see que a mis hermanos les hace falta someone who knows the english and has lived here to give them the chance to be part of the conversation. I grew up translating everything to my parents and neighbors and know what it means to be an immigrant and get discriminated even-though I was born in raised in Dallas my view point was different. I decided to do ministry in spanish so our spanish speaking brothers and sisters can have what English speakers have but in their language.


I am Catholic and have done all sorts of ministry in my community with Youth, Young Adults and the pro-life movement in spanish. I help with Young Adults who are immigrants and help them join the church in Pastoral Juvenil. Also I began a Instagram initiative a while back where I post in spanish and now we are 40K strong called Minuto Católico





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