Michelle Karen D'Silva

Michelle Karen D'Silva

I am a Catholic Charismatic Speaker, currently residing in Qatar and belong to Our Lady of the Rosary Church. I have been speaking and teaching God’s Word for the last 10 years.


I am also a member of the National Service of Communion (NSC CHARIS), as well as a member of the National Advisory Committee office whose primary objective is to develop and execute programs aiming for spiritual growth of prayer groups.


Since 2018, I have been serving as member of the CHARIS Asia Oceania Youth Core team. This leadership has offered me unique opportunities to speak across Asia and Oceania region, making me one of the most sought after (if not the only) female charismatic speakers in the Middle Eastern region.


I believe I am an authentic Catholic voice for people coming from my part of the world that are heavily influenced by culture and tradition. Living in the Middle East has also widened my experience, working with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity, and sharing the Gospel with people of other faith.


As Youth Mentor I have seen firsthand the many societal biases that rob a generation of its true calling and purpose. Youth ministry leadership and discipleship training forms an integral part of my portfolio and I find immense passion counseling young lives caught up with the same cultural lies that kept me trapped for years.


As a Woman’s Advocate I am passionate about encouraging women from our part of the world to see vulnerability as strength and help them redefine beauty, feminism and what it means to be truly human in our culture.