Gerald D Smith Jr.

Gerald D Smith Jr.

Gerald D. Smith Jr, the principal at St. Thomas More Catholic Academy in Washington D.C... Mr. Smith is a native Washingtonian with a focusing on promoting the advancement and education of today's youth, primarily African-Americans. Mr. Smith is an educator, scientist, entrepreneur, and writer. He holds a B.S. in Biology from Xavier University of Louisiana, and a M.S. in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences from Drexel University. Mr. Smith's background has provided him the ability to educate youth in various fields of science primarily ranging from grades 2nd-college.


Mr. Smith has a huge interest in reframing the outlook on African-American youth and is focused on developing an educational institution designed uniquely for people of color that embraces the challenges of today's society. Mr. Smith is dedicated to the educational field and desires to work with others to redefine the educational system. He has a knack for curriculum design that embraces the student as a collaborative member to the classroom and believes that the advancement of African-Americans in the STEM field is crucial.



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