Gabriel Reyes

Gabriel Reyes

I’m an Angelino, Born and raised in Southern California. I currently live in Los Angeles county and have served in all local Dioceses (LA, Orange, San Bernardino). Growing up with parents of Mexican descent meant church on Sundays and all the traditions that came with that. My mom was actually late to register me for confirmation in high school, but it all worked out. That’s where things changed after a Eucharistic Encounter at my first retreat experience. Since 1999 I have been on a journey of faith filled service through sharing my testimony, talks on faith and even training youth and young adult ministry leaders. Music ministry has been part of MU journey and is part of my way of sharing the good news and helping other pray and worship. Today in continue to serve as a High School Theology Teacher, Director of Campus Ministry and Music ministry at various parishes, Masses, retreats and events.






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