Dustin Bertrand

Dustin Bertrand

Dustin is an exhorter, testifier, preacher, teacher and author. His journey began in a small town in Abbeville LA. He had a plan to change lives through traveling the world as a professional golfer. However, at age 23 He entered a Catholic-Christian seminary which directed him toward a path He never anticipated. Dustin would eventually trade in the fairways and greens for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He formed a non-profit called God Made Self Driven Ministries, where he has been impacting thousands of lives in South Louisiana since 2013.


He earned a Psychology degree with a minor in criminal justice at McNeese State University. He is 2 semesters away from earning his Masters in Theology and Christian ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville.


Dustin has become a communicator not only in christian enviornments but in secular environments as well. He is passionate not only to share God’s love but also social equality and justice. He hopes through his diverse background he can unite all people and empower them to be who they were created to be.


The journey has only began as he turned 30 in 2019 while simultaneously publishing his first book called “The First 30”. He is a voice for our generation speaking truths that bring freedom, purpose, power, and surety in seeking hearts!