Rachel Bulman

Rachel Bulman

Rachel loves being Catholic. She didn’t grow up anti-Catholic and never really had an awareness of the Catholic Church other than what she was exposed to by popular culture.

In her early 20s, she went to her first Catholic Mass on an Easter Sunday morning. She couldn’t see anything from the back of the balcony, but she knew that she had found what her heart was longing for all of her life. She found “home”.

Since coming “home”, she has given talks to large and small crowds of various ages and vocations. She is a sought after retreat facilitator and speaker. Her talks are dynamic and soul-prodding because of her avid storytelling and gift of intentional, direct language; often piercing through difficult topics and straight to the heart of the listener.

She is a regular contributor to the Word on Fire blog and CatholicMom.com, co-hosts a podcast with her husband (School of Humanity), hosts a regular gathering of young adults in her own home, and is working on her first book (Our Sunday Visitor).

She loves karaoke and college football (Go Gators!), has a weakness for ice cream and an aversion to kombucha. She loves lifting weights and Sunday naps. She has been married to Jason since 2008 and they have the gift of 5 children (1 in heaven) - Gabriel, Jeremiah, Gemma, Abigail, and Karol. The Bulmans live in central Florida.